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Check our products fiber optics in Bangalore

We are known for exceptional quality products. There are many products introduced in fiber optics category. Our clients are extremely satisfied with our products development. Our sales team have provided consultation cum demonstration of the particular products hence bringing better results in the course of time upon usage in future years. What is much special about our products are all the products can be considered for guarantee. Fiber optics are known for the proper strength and it is much flexible even. If you are keen to know the information about our entire range of products, you can discuss with us. Product demonstration is provided to any products at your own convenience and time.

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Micro OTDR - Fiber Testing Tool

Inline Coupler(UTP Cable to UTP Cable) - Cat6 Compliance

Inline Coupler(UTP Cable to UTP Cable) - Cat6 compliance- Inline Coupler Keystone Jacks connects two RJ45 terminated cables, which while maintaining the signal strength. These are useful for extending the length of your CAT6 cable a few extra feet for a quick and easy installation. CAT 6 Inline couplers are available in both shielded and unshielded varieties. CAT6 Inline Couplers comprises of the keystone latch, making quite easy to install. 

Cable Tracer & Locator(Tonner)

Cable Tracer & Locator is for the circuit identification. It is a network inspection device that comprise of the wiring tracing, cable order verifying and wiring faults inspection as function. The cable tracing function helps users to isolate the cables that they want from a bundle. There are two  of the tracing modes first mode is the default mode when turn the respective device on.