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Com Core Connexions Pvt Ltd - Company Profile

Com Core Connexions Pvt Ltd offers absolute range of quality products for characteristic's performance in Copper, Fiber portfolios to its customers in India and abroad as well. We are recognised as the fiber optics cable manufacturers in Bangalore with dealership. All the products are rigorously scrutinised for the appropriate functioning and also certified with the test documentation complying with the internationally set standards.

3C3, as the industry leading portfolio of the network infrastructure solutions, which helps our customers to provide the progressed, differentiated services to customers expectations in the product for the satisfactory level of bandwidth along with the need for instantaneous, reckoned access to any organisation's significant information. We are recognised for repeated excellency, since we are independent fiber optics cable manufacturers in Bangalore. The structured cabling system can be known with greater performance of copper and fiber cable connectivity solutions which is produced from our autonomous manufacturing unit for the application from the respective data center to your desktop.

We are continuously adding newer products hence meeting the demands of every customers. When categorising the solutions, herein, we express that Fiber Plug and Play Solutions and Data center related solutions. In the backbone or to the desk, optical networks achieves the greater
performance with the fiber type connectors, patch cords and panels, which is featuring the associated cable management systems and bend radius safeguarding. Appropriate cable management practices makes the fiber networks less susceptible to own and operate over the long haul and it is convenient to expand as the requirement keeps growing. To ensure with the optical network performance, these fiber solutions incorporate the key cable management concepts. These comprises of Bend Radius Safeguarding, adequate cable troughing with the clear routing paths, conveniently accessible to installed fibers and also vertical cable safeguarding can be expected. With these broad line of works, we are recognised as the reputed fiber optics manufacturers in Bangalore.When discussing on the Data Center Solutions, we would express that many of the business organisations are considering their business to closure since their people working and the customers are herein
unable to consider for the access the respective servers, systems for storage and the devices for the networking which resides there. Our distinctively developed products providing unmatched solutions in both Copper as well as the Fiber herein gratifies the requirements or the demands of these data centers. We work with unison hence been recognised as the eminent fiber optics manufacturers in Bangalore. 

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